Theme Public Services

Screen Archive South East holds many films commissioned by civic and public bodies in the region. Significant collections of films in the archive made for public services and institutions include; the Surrey Fire Brigade, West Sussex County Council, as well as several hospitals, children’s homes, charities and other organisations in the region. Many pre-NHS hospitals and charities relied heavily on fund raising opportunities and used film as a medium to demonstrate their work and to appeal for donations.

The archive holds several pre-NHS hospital films in its collection including film of the Princess Alice Memorial Hospital in Eastbourne (1937 - 1938), and The Royal Surrey County Hospital Fundraising Film (1936 - 1937). A much later film A New Way of Caring (1974) from the Chichester Health Authority focuses on the changes in heath provision since the introduction of the NHS. The archive also has a number of films on residential homes and orphanages such as The Southern Railway Servants' Orphanage at Woking made in 1928 - 1933 and a further film made there in 1950-52, Patcham House Special School (1974) for disabled children in Sussex and 'Murray House' (1976), for people with learning disabilities in Ottershaw, Surrey.