Title: Winter Sports
Date: (1939)
Film-maker: Joseph Emberton

Cecilia Colledge was a professional figure skater. She competed in the 1936 Olympics held in Germany. In 1937, Cecilia became only the second Briton to win the Ladies World Figure Skating Championship, which was held at the Empress Hall in London. A photograph dated 1936 by Bassano at the National Portrait Gallery shows her wearing a long-sleeved skating costume and ice skates. The arms and décolletage are made of gauze revealing the skin beneath. The remainder of the dress is embellished with lace and flowers. Colledge’s dress in the clip above is a turquoise outfit with puffed shoulders mirroring the wider fashion trends of the late 1930s.

Title: People and Places
Date: (1930s)
Film-maker: Lance House

The above film depicts members of the public ice-skating on a frozen lake. They wear everyday winter clothing. Women wear woollen skirts, sweaters and stockings accessorised with fur gloves and scarves to keep warm. The majority of men wear jackets, trousers, shirt and a tie. However one man is seen wearing ‘plus fours,’ a pair of trousers that fell four inches below the knee, often worn for playing golf. ‘Plus fours’ (also known as knickerbockers) were a style favoured by the Prince of Wales who was an influential fashion figure throughout the decade.