Title: People and Places
Date: (1930s)
Film-maker: Lance House

This film shows rugby players wearing cotton long-sleeve rugby shirts. They are worn with woollen knee-length shorts and socks. In 1937, Brighton’s local newspaper The Argus ran an advertisement for the Co-op, which had three stores in the Brighton and Hove area. It advertised rugby shirts for boys aged between seven and fifteen years showing that not only were children participating in sport, but they too had to be correctly attired. The growth of high street retailing and new production methods meant that cheaper, mass-produced clothing became available at affordable prices (The Argus, 23 February 1937, p.5).


Local News Film (1936-1937)
Title: Local News Film
Date: (1936-1937)
Film-maker: Bognor Regis Film Society

In this image, the players on one football team wear long-sleeved V-neck shirts with a dark panel at the front and back, giving the impression that a sleeveless sweater is worn over the top. This contrasts with their rivals who wear plain white shirts. Football was a popular sport across Britain. The Argus, Brighton’s local daily newspaper, reported on national and local teams. The newspaper did not have photographs of footballers but described the colours of the shirts they played in. For instance, the Brighton and Hove Albion played in red jerseys. (‘Still Going Strong: Two more points for Albion. Jennings Goals’, The Argus, 6 March 1926, p.3.) In the 1930s, The Argus used illustrations of the footballers, showing them wearing shorts, shirts and football boots (‘Albion Belie their Position: From that will not do’, The Argus, 4 January 1937, p.10.)

The Argus is available to view, by appointment, at the Brighton History Centre at the Keep.