Moving History – Films from the Home Front


Films from the Home Front was developed as a website to feature films of life in Britain during the Second World War. The site was established in 2007 through project funding. The site is no longer being updated by still offers free public access to these unique selected home front films.

This lifelong learning resource is dedicated to giving people of all ages the opportunity to discover more about the impact of the Second World War and the immediate post-war period on everyday life. It offers a unique perspective on the lives of ordinary people in Britain on the home front as seen through amateur films and home movies and alongside more ‘official’ sources such as newsreels and government films.

Mine Camp (1939-1945) WSFSA

The site is organised into major themes, which explore issues characterising life during the war. These include: Children in War-time, Civil Defence, Community Life, Displaced People, Home and Family Life, Women’s Role on the Home Front and Victory Celebrations in 1945.

They explain how the films reveal many dramatic changes that took place in the country during this period. In addition, each of the archives has its own section on the site highlighting how the films fit into the story of their region during the Second World War.

ARP/ Malton Evacuees (1939) YFA

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