West Sussex Unwrapped

A black and white image of a three tier stack of Shippam's paste jars on a counter in a shop on display
Image from Shippam’s High Tea – sound (1950s)

Welcome to West Sussex  Unwrapped – the ten-part series that takes you deep into the collections of Screen Archive South East and the West Sussex Record Office

We have a tasty treat for you this week – rounds of sandwiches chock full of Shippam’s pastes for tea! Chichester’s most famous product gets the Madison Avenue treatment in this delightful advert from the late 1950s, bringing back memories of what shopping was like before the arrival of supermarkets. What’s even more amazing is how mummy can feed all the people at her party with just a single pot of Shippam’s paste!


There are many other Shippam’s adverts available for you to enjoy on our website, one of which is the award-winning Shippam’s Guide to the Opera. To watch the film click HERE

Our partners at the West Sussex Record office have prepared a tasty menu of Shippam’s related items for you to enjoy. You can glance at price lists dating from 1915, pore over photographs and postcards showing the staff hard at work as well as a record of Queen Mary’s visit in 1924. There are many advertisements, samples of promotional literature and all sorts of jar labels, in addition to a map directing people from surrounding counties to Shippam’s Chichester premises. To sample these delights click HERE