New Year – New Screenings

Coming soon to Herne Bay ‘Herne Bay Newsreel 1953′.  Don’t miss amateur filmmaker and Architect John Clague’s portrait of the town in 1953.  Presented by The Seaside Museum.  Screenings in February. email:

Herne Bay Newsreel

John Clague was a keen amateur filmmaker who was based in Herne Bay. From 1934 to 1970 he produced annual newsreels showing events that had occurred in the Kent coast town and surrounding area. He used 9.5mm film at first but by the 1950s had adopted 16mm film and the collection forms a lively chronicle of life in Herne Bay over 36 years. An architect by profession, John set up his own company in the 1930s, working on a diverse range of projects including the replacement of Herne Bay’s Grand Pavilion, which was destroyed by fire in 1970.