Magic Lantern Slide ‘live’ performance in the Netherlands

Dickenstheater 16sml‘Bob Sawyer’s Party’ a series of Magic Lantern slides from SASE’s Hecht Collection was screened (or rather, performed..) by Aad Kok and Else Flim of the Dickenstheater for the members of the Dutch Haarlem Branch of the International Dickens Fellowship. (Bob Sawyer being a character from Dickens novel The Pickwick Papers). The Hecht Collection of Magic Lantern Slides was compiled by Hermann and Ann Hecht over a 40 year period and is an important lantern resource for screen history.  It consists of around 6,000 slides along with apparatus, lantern manufacturers’ and distributors’ catalogues and a collection of lantern readings. The collection documents the range of slides produced in the UK in the 19th and early 20th century and this unique resource underpinned Hermann Hecht’s manuscript of Pre-cinema History: an encyclopaedia and annotated bibliography of the moving image before 1896, now regarded as a major work on the lantern’s history. Since 2004 the collection has been cared for by Screen Archive South East.

For more information on the Hecht Collection visit Lucerna – the Magic Lantern Web Resource of which SASE is a contributor.  

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