Lost Connections

Film Hub North‘s new archive film commission Lost Connections is a new short film, drawing on a century of archive footage, that offers a poetic response to the experience of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Made possible through a unique collaboration between twelve film archives across the UK, the film creates multiple associations with histories and memories, our common experiences of loss, loneliness and isolation, and the need for the human touch. It is not a film about the pandemic, it is a film about recovery, hope and renewal, the human character, sadness and joy, what we really value, and our gradual reconnection with each other, our communities, and the world around us.

Sound, 13 mins., 2021.

This film will be available to screen to the public and can be supplied on DVD. Blu-Ray, DCP.  Contact Film Hub North: 0114 21 0227 or email info@filmhubnorth.org.uk

Produced by Yorkshire Film Archive Written and Edited by Andy Burns Written and Narrated by Hussina Raja

Commissioned by Film Hub North on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network

Executive Producers: Graham Relton, Yorkshire & North East Film Archives, Sue Howard, Yorkshire & North East Film Archives, Frank Gray, Screen Archive South East  

Partner Archives

 East Anglian Film Archive https://eafa.org.uk London’s Screen Archives https://www.londonsscreenarchives.org.uk Media Archive for Central England at Lincoln University https://www.macearchive.org National Library of Scotland https://www.nls.uk The National Library of Wales Screen and Sound Archive https://www.library.wales North East Film Archive https://www.yfanefa.com Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive https://digitalfilmarchive.net North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University https://www.nwfa.mmu.ac.uk Screen Archive South East https://screenarchive.brighton.ac.uk SWFTA Collection, The Box Plymouth https://www.theboxplymouth.com Wessex Film & Sound Archive https://www.hants.gov.uk/librariesand… Yorkshire Film Archive https://www.yfanefa.com