Lanterns at the Fairground


The Magic Lantern Society and B-magic organised a two-day symposium event taking place at the Brussel Cinematek, exploring the role of the magic lantern in travelling fairground entertainment. It was an unusual mix of academic research and lantern presentations bringing together students, researchers, collectors, archivists and performers which created a lively exchange. B-magic is a Belgium research programme facilitating 6 PHDs and 8 Postdocs dedicated to the Magic Lantern and its cultural impact as a visual medium in Belgium between 1830 and 1940.

SASE Archivist Ine van Dooren took part in a panel discussion on Phantasmagoria, Fairgrounds and the Erotic Lantern and delivered a presentation making use of her experience as a moving image archivist and highlighting the importance of the free access web resource Lucerna [] for research into lantern heritage.