Carrying Us [2021]

Carrying Us is a collaborative project created by ​Elsa Monteith​, ​Hazel Davis​ and ​Adam Laurence​ from the Lighthouse Young Creatives 2019-2020 cohort. As first-time filmmakers, they were guided through the process by their Story telling mentor Kitty Wallace and supported by Lighthouse to produce the film.

The film was commissioned by Historic England as part of their High Streets Cultural Programme.

The concept of the film is focused on the idea of containment, inspired by their collective interest in The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, by author Ursula Le Guin. Through viewing the High Street as a vessel that contains both business and community, their film follows a journey into the high street via bus, and explores the experience of the high street from different perspectives. The film features layers of phone, camera and archive footage to represent different themes, and through narration and spoken word it aims to communicate that the essential aspects of people and community are at the core of the high street.  Watch the film here and read all about it.