B-magic Travelling Lantern Symposium

SASE Archivist Ine van Dooren will present ‘On Our Way to Timbuktu. Journeying in Lantern Land’ on her experience with the magic lantern.

The Travelling Lantern Symposium is the first in a series that will be organised in the framework of  B-magic project: The Magic Lantern and its Cultural Impact as Visual Mass Medium in Belgium (1830-1940).  B- magic will write the as yet unwritten history of the magic lantern as a mass medium in Belgium and make an essential contribution to the study of the country’s cultural history as well as to international media historiography.

This symposium addresses the magic lantern not only as an iconographic object but mainly as a performative medium of cultural knowledge and ideas. In doing so, it aims to advance an interpretation of the ways in which mobility is inextricably linked to lantern culture and visions of modernity. Rather than developing a conventional geography and a linear history of the magic lantern, the aim is to develop a cultural mapping that articulates a more complex story of the role of the lantern in the modern culture of mobility and circulation.



Organised by the Research Centre for Visual Poetics (University of Antwerp) in collaboration with the B-magic consortium partners, the research project A Million Pictures (JPI -Cultural Heritage) and with the kind support of Scientific Research Community ‘Cultures of Spectacle’ (FWO).