Title ID 9984Collection ID1435
TitleGeorge V Silver Jubilee Procession in London
CollectionNorman Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionCommemoration
ThemeCommemoration Family Life
KeywordsArmed Forces Buildings Celebration Commemorative Events Film Making Passenger Vehicles Roads Royalty Social Class Law Enforcement
RegionalGreater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionEric Norman
CameraEric Norman
Format16mm Colour Silent
Duration11 min. 43 sec
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This black and white and Dufaycolor film shows scenes of HM The King, George V's Silver Jubilee Procession in London. The film opens in black and white with views of London and the official procession programme details; followed by views of the procession route taken from an upstairs window and both black and white and colour footage of the procession and marching bands. Dufaycolor was an early film system that employed a matrix of red, green and blue to produce colour on film. This matrix pattern is clearly in evidence in the online clips.


This film opens with close-ups of photographs from an brochure of HM The King, George V and Queen Mary of Teck, and the royal household, plus a map of the procession route as a double page spread. Mixed and shaky views of the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) and House of Commons, covered in scaffolding, from across Westminster Bridge; followed by a view, filmed through an upstairs window, of two newsreel camera crews (35mm?) with cameras set up on the roof of a building.

Street view of crowds lining part of the procession route decorated in bunting and decorations. In a side street, a crowd of people are being held behind a row of mounted police officers on horseback. Several groups of military marching bands parade along the route, accompanied by a large group of naval men in uniform. On a rooftop opposite, a man and woman climb through a window, dragging a chair with them on to the roof, to join other people who have gathered there below the newsreel camera crews. A couple stand in silhouette at a window watching the activities below.

The second part, shot in Dufaycolor, captures the state coach passing by below, followed by a large group of mounted Royal Household Cavalry riders. This is closely followed by several Royal Landaus flanked my mounted officers. The shot then cuts to black.