Title ID 9980Collection ID1435
Title[Smoking; Football Match; Family Scenes]
Date[ca. 1932 - 1949]
CollectionNorman Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Urban Life
KeywordsAnimals Celebrations Clubs Domestic Gardens Family Food Houses Men Old Age Sport Urban Areas Interiors
LocalChallock Wolverhampton
RegionalKent West Midlands Staffordshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionEric Norman
CameraEric Norman
Format16mm Black & White Silent
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This black and white film opens with domestic scenes. The second film provides highlights of a cup match at the Wolverhampton Wanderers home ground Molineux Stadium, with the presentation of the cup to the winning team (Wolverhampton Wanderers or Wolves). The third film features family scenes in the kitchen and garden of a family house in Challock, Kent.


This film opens with scenes if the family sitting in their living room. A woman plays with a dog and an older man smokes a cigar.

The second film provides highlights of a football match at Molineux Stadium home of the Wolverhampton Wanders Football team. The film opens with a match being played (possibly vs Bolton Wanderers?), followed by views of the Wolverhampton Wanderers team raising a previously won FA Cup over their heads before being passed to a man in a suit, whom in turn does the same showing it off to the crowd, whilst a policeman stands close behind him.

A brief shot of a game in progress (ball kicked from centre position on the field of play - second half of match ?), followed by shots of the cup being paraded behind a marching band in front of a packed stadium. Mixed shots of the crowd on their feet in the stands, cheering, waving and celebrating in front of the camera. Colour footage of the same game and trophy being paraded is available on TID_9996.

The final film shows a series of domestic scenes. Three women standing in a kitchen talking and smoking cigarettes on long cigarette holders. The camera captures a women rearranging her under skirt or petticoat under her dress. In a garden an elderly man sits on a bench wearing a large overcoat and flat cap smoking a pipe, smiling at the camera. In the Challock garden, three women sit together and play with the dogs.

Colour footage of the same game on TID 9996.


A still from [Smoking; Football Match; Family Scenes] [ca. 1932 - 1949]

Contextual information

film-maker Eric Norman was the director of the football club the Wolverhampton Wanderers. The Wolverhampton Wanderers were one of the founding teams of the Football League in 1887.

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