Title ID 993Collection ID487
Title[Nature Classes and Field Trips]
CollectionAstor School
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurEducationalNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Children Education Landscape Nature Reserves Plants Schools Wetlands
LocalDover Dymchurch New Romney Hothfield Dungeness
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionAstor School
Format16mm Colour Silent
Duration11min. 34sec.
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Forming part of the Astor School collection, this amateur film features pupils and teachers from the Astor School, Dover. The pupils are accompanied by teachers on a field trip to Hythe Bay where they are seen exploring flora and fauna in different locations. The children return to a classroom and create displays with what they have found.


The film opens with two schoolboys standing next to a cage in a field; poster on cage reads: "Bird Oil Pollution Survey.". Schoolchildren look on as a man wearing a lab coat cleans oil from the feathers of a seagull. The children place the bird in a cage outside. Title: "presented by Astor School Dover". Children walk into a science laboratory holding specimen boxes; close-ups of specimens. Children load equipment onto a coach; a teacher supervises. Shots of the bus pulling away; close-up shot of a hand drawn map of Hythe Bay; an arrow points to Dymchurch. Sign: "New Romney"; shots of the children exploring flora and fauna in a field. The children help prepare equipment; shots of the group pond-dipping; close-up of pond-life. Close up of clock; the time reads 6.56. Shots of the children exploring pond-life in the classroom, and clearing up equipment outside. Close-up of sign: "West Ashford R.D.C. Hothfield Common". Shots of children exploring the common, close-up of a birds nest. Shot of teachers eating lunch; children working in a classroom. Children and teacher gathered on a beach; the teacher draws in the sand. The children examine the flora and fauna on the beach. Close-up of the hand drawn map, a boy moves an arrow to point to Dungeness. Close-up of signs "Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Bird Reserve, Strictly Private" & "Warden". Shots of Dungeness, including close-ups of the shingle and plants. Close-up of a man with binoculars ringing a small bird before releasing it. Dark shots of a child holding a snake; children working outdoors and in a classroom, examining specimens. Two girls shake a blanket and a boy polishes a pair of shoes. Shots of children exploring a rock pool on a beach, followed by shots of a classroom. The film ends with shots of various displays. Posters read: "Display Of Plants Found In Camp Area", "Fresh Water Biology + Pond dipping." & "Weed Animals And Shells Found On The Local Beach".