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Title[St George's Day Parade at Balcombe]
CollectionCyril Hayworth pt2
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsCars Children Girl Guides Leisure Time Activities Local History Men Motor Vehicles Parades Religious Buildings Shops Urban Areas Villages Youth Youth Organizations Uniforms Commemorative Events
LocalBalcombe Lindfield
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionCyril Hayworth
CameraCyril Hayworth
Format16mm Colour Silent
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This edited film shows scenes from the St George's Day parade at Balcombe with marching bands passing a group of senior leaders and VIP's along a road. Speeches and salutes followed by a second parade along Lindfield High Street adjacent to All Saints Church and The Bent Arms Hotel.


This film opens with views of 1st Haywards Heath Scout group and their leaders standing in St Mary's churchyard, followed by views of a parade lead by the Salvation Army marching band and Senior Scouting leaders with mixed groups of Cubs, Scouts and Guides led by the Balcombe troop; followed by various groups from Haywards Heath and Slaugham (blue neckerchief with red border?) with Scoutleader. A similar number of Guides and Brownies parade down the street behind the other groups. The Parade then passes in front of St Mary's Churchyard on to Balcombe Recreation Ground where a large group have gathered to support the Scouts and Guides.

The film then cuts to a view of Lindfield High Street with All Saints Church and 'The Tiger' (now Church House), with people arriving and standing outside 'The Bent Arms Hotel'. A policemen directs traffic past the group.

A vast parade of Scouts and Guides being led by a mixed gender marching band of Sea Scouts, makes its way through Lindfied High Street. The group then pass 'The Bent Arms Hotel', with an adult Scout leader saluting as the full group passes a man standing on a podium. The troops pass in the following order: Balcombe groups, Haywards Heath groups, Horsted Keynes troops, Slaugham Scout troop followed by companies of Guides without flags or standards. The final shot shows a bearded Scout leader talking to a man in a suit outside the pub.