Title ID 989Collection ID478
Title[Canterbury and Miscellaneous Scenes]
KeywordsAnimals Buildings Interiors Leisure Time Activities Railways Religious Buildings Zoological Gardens
NationalEngland United Kingdom
Productionnot known
Format16mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration5min. 9sec.
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This silent amateur film begins by featuring Canterbury, its history and famous landmarks, including the cathedral, all accompanied with titles explaining the scenes. The latter part of the film includes brief shots of a zoo, children riding on a camel, a railway signalman at work and families hop picking.


Opening title: “Canterbury, designated the Mother-city of the English race, dates back more than thirteen hundred years. Next to the cathedral, the old fortifications, and the Westgate are the most prominent historical landmarks”. Shots of a round tower and the Westgate. Title: “The Norman Stairway XII century; note its remarkable state of preservation. Saint Augustine’s Gateway and the Tudor Gateway of St. John’s Hospital”. Shot of the Norman Stairway; Saint Augustine's and Tudor Gateway. Title: “In a Monastery Garden. Grey Friars and The Weavers; in the heart of the City”. Shots of the same. Title: “Glimpses of the Cathedral. Bell Harry Tower from Butchery Lane and Mercery Lane”. Shots of the cathedral with rooftops; Bell Harry Tower with street scenes. Title: “The interior of the Cathedral is incomparable. Here in one building, are perfect specimens of all the styles of architecture throughout five centuries from the Conquest to the Reformation”. Interior shots of the Cathedral and cloisters. Title: “Looking up inside Bell Harry Tower”. Shots of the vaulted ceiling of Bell Harry Tower, followed by various shots of the cathedral and grounds. Title: "The End". [Break] Shots of polar bears being fed by a zoo keeper; shots of children riding on a camel. Shots of a railway signalman at work in a signal box. The film concludes with families hop picking.