Title ID 988Collection ID456
Title['Little Old Hay' Brenchley - No. 3]
Date[ca. 1966]
CollectionErnest Robbins
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Building Construction Buildings Children Domestic Gardens Family Farming Gardening Houses
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionErnest Robbins
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Duration27min. 33sec.
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A home movie capturing family scenes at Little Old Hay. Family members and friends relaxing in the garden and helping with maintenance tasks. The film also features many shots of the garden and its wildlife, including wild birds, ducks and moorhens.


The film opens with shots of a man on the roof of the house making repairs, followed by shots of the garden and plants. Views of the surrounding countryside and the house from the road. A young boy and girl help a man make repairs to the tile cladding on the side of the house. Shots of family members (?) relaxing in the garden; a man paints and some people sit on the grass talking. Shots of the house and gardens. A man paints the front of the house, writing the initials "LOH" in black paint. People are seen coming and going in cars. Shots of the pond with ducks and moorhens. Shot of a flock of birds in the field next door. Shots of birds feeding as snow falls. Further shots of ducks and moorhens on the pond. A man lays a concrete driveway and a hose is used to top up the lake. Shots of the driveway in various stages of its construction. Shots of trees being blown in the wind and a person collecting fallen leaves. Children play in the snow, a man joins them and they throw snowballs. Shots of puppies feeding from saucers, two girls and two women watch. A caravan is towed along the driveway; puppies play in the garden. Shots of moorhens nesting on an island in the pond. Ducks and moorhens feed on the lawn. Shots of trees being blown in the wind. A group of older people feed the ducks. Shots of vines in the greenhouse. People sitting in the garden and playing with a dog. A woman digs a flower bed. The film ends with a shot of a tractor and roller working in the field next door.