Title ID 9877Collection ID1201
TitleDebbie Dreams
CollectionCarousel Films
Genre/TypeProfessionalFilm/Video companyInstitutionalFictionExperimental
ThemeUrban Life
KeywordsClubs Disabled Persons Dance Music
RegionalBrighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
DirectorHigh Spin Dance Company
ProducerHigh Spin Dance Company
Funding bodyArts Council England; Brighton and Hove City Council
MusicBeat Express
Cast(Debbie's Friend) Ben Pierre; (Debbie) Maria Pengelly
Other credits(Choreographic Facilitator) Miriam King; (film-maker) Junk TV - Simon Wilkinson; (Production Manager) Becki Hodgson; (Supported By) South East Dance; Glynebourne;
FormatColour Sound
Duration2 min.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This animated and live-action 'music video' style film shows a dream sequence of a young learning disabled woman called Debbie. Debbie is trapped in her house by her wicked aunt. The only way she can get out of the house is in her dreams. The film shows dream people guiding her and helping her to run away. The music is provided by Beat Express, a learning disabled rock group also supported by Carousel.


Contextual information

The film was made by Carousel and shown as part of “Debbie Rock Angel,” a multi-media performance show that premiered in Brighton, UK in November 2006, prior to a short tour across the South East. The show was the first rock opera written, directed and performed by learning disabled musicians, performers, film-makers and DJs. "Debbie Dreams" won the "Best Performance Award, Under 10 minutes" at the 2008 Picture This Film Festival. The film was also made as part of the Oska Bright Film Festival outreach programme (, the only award winning international short film festival managed and delivered by learning disabled film-makers.