Title ID 986Collection ID456
Title['Little Old Hay' Brenchley - No. 1]
Date1961 - 1962
CollectionErnest Robbins
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsBuilding Construction Buildings Domestic Gardens Family Farming Gardening Houses Plants Rural Areas Seasons
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionErnest Robbins
FormatColour Silent
Duration26min. 57sec.
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A home movie featuring the renovation and improvement of a new home - 'Little Old Hay' at Brenchley in Kent. Members of the Robbins family work together to build a new greenhouse, make repairs to the cottage and landscape the garden.


Titles: "Little Old Hay Brenchley" with a shot of the thatched cottage known as 'Little Old Hay'. Title: "Holidays started 1961". Stills of family members (?) working in the garden, countryside scenes and Little Old Hay. A man on the roof mends ridge tiles and a woman digs a hole in the garden. Still of a man erecting fence posts. Shots of the newly landscaped garden and a toddler playing with parents (?) and two dogs. A man pushes a cart loaded with fence posts. Shots of trees and other plants being planted in the garden. A man and a woman erect the frame of a greenhouse. A car arrives at Little Old Hay; Mr and Mrs Robbins (?) wandering around the garden. Still: a pond. Shots of the newly erected fencing around the edge of the garden. Shots of the garden and surrounding countryside as snow falls and settles on the ground. Stills of family members (?) carrying out building work. A man sorting through a pile of brick rubble. A woman unloads plants and a coal scuttle from the back of a car; work continues on the new greenhouse. Shots of a lorry arriving and family (?) helping to unload its contents. A woman opens a crate containing two white ducks and releases them into the pond. Shots of a man cutting long grass with a lawnmower. A man tows a cement mixer with small tipper truck. Shots of plants in the greenhouse. Stills of family members. Shots and stills of a baby and toddler in the garden with their parents (?). Shots of harvesting in the field next door. Family members (?) gathered in the garden chatting. Shots of a straw baler in the field, followed by the ploughing of the field. A man resembling a tramp (Abraham?) knocks on front doors, including at Little Old Hay. Shots of a bicycle shop, sign: "Robbins Cycles" in the snow and snowy street scenes. The film ends with more shots of the garden at Little Old Hay under thick snow and ducks on a frozen pond, as well as snowy scenes from a moving car. Title: "The End".