Title ID 9794Collection ID1162
TitleSorrells, Chris and Julia, Surrey
Date[ca. 1944]
CollectionCorder Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsAircraft Bicycles Domestic Gardens Dance Family Games Uniforms Urban Areas
LocalUnknown location
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionGeoffrey Corder
CameraGeoffrey Corder; K. Corder(?)
Format16mm Colour Silent
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This colour film shows the Corder and the Sorrell families at the Sorrell family home in Surrey (?). Shots of individual family members feature: Mr and Mrs Corder, their son Christopher and daughter Julia, and members of the Sorrell family including an older girl wearing a cadet or auxiliary/ armed forces uniform (?).


This colour film opens with various views of blossoming cherry trees against a blue sky. Julia and another girl are walking their bicycles over some grass, while Chris rides his red tricycle across the shot.

In the second film several portrait shots of the family feature, whilst several Spitfire planes fly in formatoin overhead. Julia and Chris play games, dance and dress up in fancy dress. They discard the outfits all over the garden.

In the final film, portrait shots of the family in the garden follow, including a woman wearing a headscarf and glasses, Mrs Corder and Julia. An older boy holding a cat poses for the camera, followed by an older girl dressed in a women's armed forces or auxiliary service uniform. The final shot is of Mrs Corder and the cat.


A still from 'Sorrells, Chris and Julia, Surrey' (1940s)