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Title[Hill Barn Theatre; Morse Brown Portrait]
Date4 June 1960
CollectionTomes Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Working Life
KeywordsDomestic Gardens Family Games Houses Leisure Time Activities Trades Workers
LocalSanderstead Croydon
RegionalGreater London Surrey
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionGilbert Tomes
CameraGilbert Tomes
ParticipantsSam Morse Brown; Alfred Tomes; Richard Tomes
Format16mm Colour Silent
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This colour film shows views of the family home, gardens and grounds at Hill Barn and shots of Albert Tomes sitting for a portrait by British/Bermudan pastel artist Sam Morse Brown.


This colour film opens with views of the family home, gardens and grounds at Hill Barn, with mixed views and close-ups of the flowers and gardens laid to lawn. The family are seen sitting in deck chairs socialising in the garden. (white frames appear between each of the sections)

The next section shows Alfred Tomes (Richard Tomes' grandfather) playing a mock game of chess with Richard in the study, while Alfred has his portrait drawn in pastels by artist Sam Morse Brown. Morse Brown is filmed at work in some detail, with close-ups of the artist, subject and the work. At the end of the sitting, members of the family enter the study to take a look at the result, accompanied by Sprinter the family dog (Poodle).

The final part of the film shows further highlights of the family's garden and walls being constructed for the stage area for the open-air theatre. Final scenes show several close-ups of the garden with workmen pointing and rendering the brickwork.


A still from [Hill Barn Theatre; Morse Brown Portrait] (1960)A still from [Hill Barn Theatre; Morse Brown Portrait] (1960)

Contextual information

Artist Sam Morse Brown (1903 -2001) ARWA, PS. was an author and prominent British/Bermudan high-society portrait painter, having formally trained and graduated from the Slade School of Art. Morse Brown spent his later years as a resident of Bermuda on Hinson's Island and was a long-time member, and former president, of the Bermuda Society of Arts. In the UK, Morse Brown was a member of the Pastel Society UK (PS) and an associate member of the Royal West of England Academy (ARWA). His subjects, all painted from life, included some very Illustrious people, from members of the Tomes family and their pet dog Sprinter, to General Bernard Montgomery, King Umberto of Italy,The Lord Mayor of London - Sir John Laurie, the Italian Surrealist painter Georgio Chirico. He was the first artist to paint HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.