Title ID 9723Collection ID1232
TitleThe Prince Abroad
DateMay 1960
CollectionTomes Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurStudentNon-fictionCommunity
ThemeTravel Urban Life
KeywordsBuildings Castles Children Cultural Heritage Education Food Interiors Motor Vehicles National Dress Outings Passenger Vehicles Performing Arts Royalty Schools Theatre Transport Travel Urban Areas Visual Arts
LocalCologne Nürburg Nurburg Langenburg Ostend
NationalGermany Belgium Europe
ProductionRichard Tomes
CameraGilbert Tomes
NarratorRichard Tomes
ParticipantsMartin Jarvis; HRH The Princess of Hohenlohe-Langenburg
Format16mm Black & White Sound
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This black and white film shows highlights of the Whitgift School Dramatic Society's 15 day tour of Southern Germany and to Ostend, Belgium in May 1960. Highlights of sections of the performances of Hamlet are shown, as are pre-show preparations in wardrobe and make up, along with the group on leisure and sightseeing activities.


The Whitgift Players stage Hamlet in various schools and local theatres in Cologne, Nürburg and Langenburg. Highlights of sections of the performances are shown, with pre-show preparations in wardrobe and make up. The group also enjoy a series of leisure and sightseeing activities in each of the locations visited. This film features a young Martin Jarvis (Actor) as King Hamlet, whose name appears on a production list attached to a telegraph pole outside a venue.

HRH The Princess of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (Margarita, Prince Philip's sister), is filmed greeting the boys on arrival at Langenburg Castle prior to the groups performance in the region. The group then travel by boat and coach to Ostend, Belgium.

This film contains music and is narrated throughout with some dubbed dialogue over the stage performances.


A still from The Prince Abroad (1960)

Contextual information

This film was shot on a Bell and Howell 16mm movie camera by Richard Tomes, borrowed from his father.