Title ID 966Collection ID453
TitleFootball match: Ramsgate versus Margate Police
Date15 April 1926
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRamsgate Picture House News
DistributorRamsgate Picture House News
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration4min. 44sec.
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The police of Ramsgate and Margate compete in a football match. The match is captured in this newsreel, which is intersected with titles. The film includes the mayor of Ramsgate with the Ramsgate police and shots of the crowd watching the match.


Opening titles: "Ramsgate Picture House News. Scenes at the Football Match Ramsgate v. Margate Police, Played Thursday, April 15th, 1926". Title: "The Ramsgate Team."; shot of the team, with the mayor (?). Title: "The Margate Team."; shot of the team. Title: "The Kick Off."; two team members from the opposing sides shake hands and the referee tosses a coin; the mayor kicks-off from the centre spot. Fast moving shots of the match follow, including the goalkeeper making numerous saves. Title: "Are You Amongst This Happy Crowd?; shots of people watching the match. The film ends with some final shots of the second half of the match; a representative of the Margate team kicks-off and a goal is scored.