Title ID 9601Collection ID1120
TitleSunbury and its Environs; Middlesex England
Date1962 [?]
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubNon-fictionReportage
ThemeUrban Life
KeywordsBoats Buildings Castles Clubs Ferries Local History Men Motor Vehicles Railways Religious Buildings Rivers Roads Schools Urban Areas Industry
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionThe Rotary Club of Sunbury on Thames
CameraThe Rotary Club of Sunbury on Thames
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Sound
Duration15 min. 34 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


The Rotary Club of Sunbury on Thames captures views of Sunbury and its its surroundings with a descriptive commentary, including river scenes, the railway, town centre buildings, suburban housing, and businesses. There are scenes along the Thames, taking in Windsor Castle and Hampton Court, and the film ends with a Rotary Club luncheon party.


The film opens with a map of the world superimposed with the International Rotary club logo and the title which reads "The Rotary Club of Sunbury-on-Thames presents'; "Sunbury and its Environs Middlesex England".

The film shows views of the river Thames and the wier as seen from the tower of St Mary's Church. Various scenes of the town follow including: the railway line, new tower blocks, a red bus on a commercial street.

A street of newly built suburban houses are contrasted with a Georgian house at the end of the road and a memorial commemorating the First World War. The modern buildings of St Ignatius Catholic School are followed by views of Thames Street with houses and buildings of different ages and design, including the Magpie Inn. 1930s detached houses line the wide road of 'The Avenue'.

Business and industry in Sunbury is featured through 'The British Thermostat company building, the grounds of the BP Research Centre and vehicles at Jobs Dairy. At Sunbury Cross, the clock tower stands in the centre of the busy traffic. In the town, various businesses are shown including Barclay's Bank and Southern Electricity Service. Outside the Police Station, 'a friendly policeman' gives a wave.

The film travels back along Thames Street towards the river. At the river, the film captures boats, anglers (including a group of boys showing their catch), and ducks on the water.

Views of Hampton Court Palace and gardens are followed by scenes of boating activity on the river and the punt ferrying pedestrians across the water. The boat trip travels along the river through various locks. The film then shows various views of Windsor Castle and Windsor Great Park. Back on the river, various waterfront houses are shown before returning to 'modern Sunbury' with it's new town centre, including high-rise flats and a modern sculpture.

At the station, a 'commuter train' arrives and a plane is seen taking off at London Airport 'three or four miles away'. At Sunbury Cricket Club the commentary reveals this is where the Rotary Club meet. A group of men, 'The Rotarians', are seen arriving for their Lunch meeting and sitting down at the tables. The film ends with further river scenes.


A still from Sunbury and its Environs; Middlesex England (1962?)A still from Sunbury and its Environs; Middlesex England (1962?)