Title ID 9402Collection ID1221
Title[Snow; Moving House; Whitsun Camp; Folkestone Holiday]
CollectionRidgway Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fiction
ThemeFamily Life Seaside
KeywordsAnimals Boats Camping Children Clothing Domestic Gardens Education Family Games Handicrafts Houses Leisure Time Activities Mothers Memorials Outings Old Age Racing Religious Buildings Seaside Resorts Shops
LocalSunbury Folkestone (?) Canterbury Walton-on-Thames
RegionalSurrey Kent
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRidgway Family
CameraPeter Ridgeway; Janet Ridgway
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This film shows a family moving house, going on a camping holiday, playing on a beach and visiting the Kent town of Canterbury. The family tour the street, capturing views of the historic Cathedral gate, War Memorial and shops. The film closes with several members of the family rowing Skiffs on the River Thames.


This film opens with the family at home, followed by garden scenes with a young girl playing in the snow and interior shots of the family sitting around a table.

Next, the film shows street scenes of the family moving into a new home, with the children playing on the street outside as furniture is brought indoors and a woman chases a young boy to stop him from running into the road. A sequence of exterior shots of the new house follows, with a close-up of the estate agent's sold sign 'Garners of Sunbury', outside the house. Two children are then seen sitting on the front step of the house and playing together in the garden with their toys.

The next part shows the family on a camping holiday, with shots of a toddler attempting to stroke a foal and a mare in a field. The film shows two boys building a campfire from logs and sticks in a field and shots of the family playing together in a tent, as a woman prepares a meal. This is followed by a series of shots that include a man climbing a tree, a toddler wandering around a field of gorse and sitting on a man's shoulders on a countryside walk.

The next sequence shows the family on a beach (Folkestone?), building several large sand castles and playing together on the shoreline.

The next part opens with views of a busy Canterbury street (Sun Street?), with shots of the ornate Canterbury Cathedral Gate entrance, period shops, a brief view of the First World War War Memorial; followed by a family visit to St Augustine's Abbey. The camera follows a boy dressed in The King's School uniform with lapel flower walking past. This cuts to shots of a group of people in formal attire entering the gate to The Kings School, with a brief exterior shot of The Kings School Shop on a street.

The film returns to family scenes showing a young boy with his mother in a field building a camping shelter, covered in large green fern leaves and grasses. This is followed by shots of the young boy rolling a large log through a camp field and an older man lighting a camp fire which the family dance around. There is a brief shot of a man walking around the camp site wearing just his underpants and a jumper holding an umbrella and a spade (?).

The final part shows two family members on the River Thames rowing a Skiff at speed (Regatta race?). The rest of the family watch from the river bank.