Title ID 9398Collection ID1221
Title[Family Holidays and Outings; Child Cleaning Fireplace]
DateFebruary 1966-1967
CollectionRidgway Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Bridges Buildings Cars Camping Children Cultural Heritage Domestic Gardens Family Games Gardening Holidays Houses Lakes Leisure Time Activities Rural Areas Swimming Tourism Parks
LocalLaleham Windsor Broadway Rhayader Woodstock
RegionalSurrey Berkshire Worcestershire Powys Oxfordshire
NationalEngland Wales United Kingdom
ProductionRidgway Family
CameraPeter Ridgeway; Janet Ridgway
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
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This film shows several outings and holidays that include: Craig Goch Dam in the Elan Valley; Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds; Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire; an outing to Windsor Great Park; and the family at their home in Laleham.


The first part of the film shows mixed holiday scenes of a mother and daughter paddling on the beach followed by the family group playing games in the water. A short camping holiday scene, is followed by shots of a child mowing the Laleham house lawn and a child with members of the family seated in a Conservatory.

The next outing shows the family having a picnic in a field surrounded by a large heard of cows, followed by views of the countryside; the camera focuses on fields of hayricks in a neighbouring field. The film cuts to a montage of holiday shots that include: a panoramic view of the Craig Goch Dam in the Elan Valley; a visit to Broadway Tower; Worcestershire with views of the countryside; and a family visit to Blenheim Palace, with exterior views of the main courtyard and buildings. Short dark interior shots of the entrance hall and the Library of the Palace follow.

The family then visit Windsor Great Park, playing together on the grass with a ball, followed by shots of the family at home and a woman doing Ballet movements on a tree stump. The woman notices the camera is filming her and makes a rude hand gesture to the camera.

The final part shows interior views of the family home in Laleham, where a very young girl helps with sweeping and cleaning the fireplace with a vacuum cleaner.