Title ID 9391Collection ID1221
Title[Winter; Wedding; Last Trolley Buses; Hike]
CollectionRidgway Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Transport
KeywordsAircraft Airports Cars Children Domestic Gardens Family Games Houses Leisure Time Activities Motor Vehicles Parks Passenger Vehicles Roads Transport Urban Areas Women Workers Monuments
LocalKingsbury Laleham Teddington Windsor Sunbury
RegionalSurrey Greater London Berkshire Hampshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRidgway Family
CameraPeter Ridgeway; Janet Ridgway
ParticipantsChris; Teddy; Giselle; John
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
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This film shows the family playing in the snow and attempting to start a classic car with a hand crank. This is followed by plants in the lean-to greenhouse and shots of a friends wedding. The Fulwell Bus depot in Teddington shows the last trolley buses. The family go on several outings to Great Windsor park and the children play together at home.


This colour film opens with winter street scenes of the family home and members of the family playing in the snow, building a snowman, throwing snowballs and trying to manually start the family car in snow with a hand crank.

The next sequence shows a montage of spring shots of the family garden and greenhouse, with flowering plants and shrubs, followed by wedding scenes featuring a classic car being used as a wedding vehicle and several family members arriving at the church for the wedding. The film closes with shots of the bride and groom standing together in a garden during their wedding reception.

The next sequence shows a series of London Transport buses navigating a roundabout - the first is a London Trolley Bus '604' heading to the Fulwell Depot, followed by a green livery single decker bus; accompanied by mixed shots of several red London Transport Trolley buses manoeuvring in and around the Fulwell Bus Garage Depot. A sign in the garage forecourt advertises for new drivers and conductors and there is a close up of a lamppost advert for the new 267 Bus route. A female bus conductor is shown walking through the Fulwell Garage to board a bus and issuing tickets to passengers along the route.

The next part shows the children playing in a garden with their toys and the family in a park (Windsor?). This is followed by shots of a seated uniformed music band playing on a bandstand. The film then cuts to interior shots of a group of children playing together in the front room of the family home, then a woman tending to her garden and lean-to greenhouse.

The family visit Great Windsor Park, walking among the flowers in the Valley Gardens. A series of shots follow of the Totem pole at Virginia Water Lake [presented by the Province of British Colombia to HM Queen Elizabeth II].

The film returns to the family home, with interior shots of the garage and front room, followed by a series of shots of flowering plants in the garden. The adults are seen playing games with the children and there is a brief shot of a family gathering at the house.

A final sequence shows a Bluebird livery coach on a turntable and a BEA plane taking off from a runway (Shoreham Airport?). The film closes with shots of the interior of the terminal building and several aircraft stationary on the runway.


A still from [Winter; Wedding; Last Trolley Buses; Hike] (1963)