Title ID 9353Collection ID992
Title[Croydon Construction Work]
DateAugust 1963; November 1963
CollectionHinchliff Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeUrban Life
KeywordsBuilding Construction Cars Industry Motor Vehicles Passenger Vehicles Transport
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionA.G. Hinchliff
CameraA.G. Hinchliff
Format16mm Colour Silent
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This colour film follows the development and construction of East Croydon town centre in the 1960s. The landscape surrounding East Croydon station is shown littered with building sites. Some sections are filmed from the tops of buildings looking down on the construction site below.


In this film of East Croydon town centre, an advert for Typhoo tea can be seen on the side of a Routemaster bus as it passes over the railway bridge in front of the station. Several mixed shots of the construction works are seen from different parts of the town.

Panorama shots of the urban skyline follow with a long sequence of construction shots. The Croydon gasworks and the Croydon power station are seen on the horizon across some parkland (possibly from an upstairs window in the family home in Croydon).

The final section of the film is recorded from the top of a building looking down onto the construction work taking place below. This is followed by a close-up shot of the Croydon gasworks, and the power station with two chimneys. Buses, cars and construction traffic fill the roads below (some shots are quite dark).


a still from [Croydon Construction Work] (1963)