Title ID 9351Collection ID992
TitleMy Family & Other Animals
Date1960; 1961
CollectionHinchliff Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Urban Life
KeywordsAnimals Birthdays Children Clothing Weather Winter Film Making
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionA.G. Hinchliff
CameraA.G. Hinchliff
ParticipantsElizabeth Hinchliff; Geoffrey Gowlland (?)
Format16mm Colour Silent
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An edited colour film of Hinchliff family domestic scenes. The family are also seen having their photo taken at 'Grannies 95th birthday' (?), where several members of the Gowlland household can be seen.


This edited colour compilation film shows the family playing with the huge variety of family pets in the garden, around the house, and out in the snow.

Opening title: ‘My family & other animals’. Elizabeth coaxes a corgi puppy to climb some steps and jump over a net in the garden, followed by a shot of a dog and cat, corgi puppy and poodle playing.

An older man wearing a cine-camera around his neck (Geoffrey Gowlland?), walks with Elizabeth and a dog in a wooded area. John Gowlland films them walking towards the camera. Elizabeth then takes the camera to film.

The next section shows family pets: A corgi, a ginger kitten and a tortoise eating pieces of lettuce.

In the next section several children sit together for a birthday tea in the garden, cutting a birthday cake and playing with the corgi. The children play together and do acrobatics with an adult (Elizabeth's mother ?). A lady sits eating tea and toast, feeding pieces to a cat and dog.

In the next sequence, two dogs pull a sled down a snowy hill, followed by the family sledding down a hill. Snowy scenes of the countryside then follow. The next shot shows the dogs being taken out on a walk with the family.

In the next section the extended family group (possibly with the Gowlland family ?) stand on the patio of a house taking family portraits and socialising - a senior lady is sat in a chair at the front (Granny ?)

In the final section Elizabeth plays with two children on a slide in a garden. John is seen holding a young toddler whilst they play on the slide.


A still from 'My Family & Other Animals' (1960; 1961))

Contextual information

Elizabeth Hinchliff marries John Gowlland in 1962. Both families produced films documenting their family life, and this film crosses over between the two family groups.