Title ID 9334Collection ID1183
Date[ca. 1936]
CollectionWallis / Collingridge
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionTravel
KeywordsAnimals Boats Children Everyday Life Farming Games Handicrafts Houses Industry Men Rural Areas Social Class Ships Transport Travel Villages Music Cars National Dress
LocalInnsbruck Tyrol Stubai Mieders Fulpmes Folkestone
NationalAustria United Kingdom Europe
ProductionMaud Wallis Ruth Collingridge
CameraMaud Wallis; Ruth Collingridge
ProducerA ‘Maru’ Super Film
Format16mm Black & White Silent
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This edited and intertitled travelogue film shows a cruise from Folkestone, England to the Stubai Valley, near Innsbruck, in Austria. The film also includes descriptive intertitles highlighting local agricultural processes, regional customs, and traditional Tyrolean dress. The film shows views of the rural mountainous villages of Mieders and Fulpmes in Tyrol. The final section shows the film-makers returning to the UK via ship.


The film's intertitles read: 'Maru' production title 'Austria' 'A Holiday in the Stubai Valley Near Innsbruck' Shot of travel brochures 'The Start' 'Leaving Folkestone' 'Tyrolean costume is very much in evidence. The women wear full dark skirts and aprons, white blouses with puff sleeves under a dark bodice and a brightly coloured hat worn very much on one side' 'The men wear leather shorts, embroidered braces short tweed faced with green, and lights stockings. their soft felt hats are always decorated at the back with a feather or a plume of chamois hair' 'Mieders' 'The village' 'The children are bonnie' There were very few horses in this valley, most of the carts being drawn by small dun coloured cattle' 'There were cows everywhere in the villages and on the mountainsides' 'Fulpmes' 'This village was the largest in the valley, and had several foundries for making small tools. the iron was mined on the hillside and the torrent provided the power' 'In the Mountains' 'This was a lovely spot at the head of the valley just below the glacier we walked up inn two stages, the last lap being a four hour's climb in the cool before breakfast' 'The Breakfast Table' 'Black Mountain Sheep' 'An Unusual Method of Milking' 'Hay Making' 'In the hot sheltered valleys two to three crops are gathered every year. Haymaking is difficult on the steep hillsides, dried on little wooden racks and then stored in barns' 'Tree felling and barking' 'Travelling Minstrels' 'On the boat from Boulogne' 'The Welcome Home'