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Title[Scouting Voyage on the SS Calgaric]
Date12 -29 August 1933
CollectionWallis / Collingridge
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionTravel
ThemeTravel Commemoration
KeywordsUniforms Celebrations Children National Dress Dance Girl Guides Handicrafts Leisure Time Activities Men Old Age Rivers Scouting Ships Transport Travel Harbours Camping Ethnic Groups Memorials Railways
LocalRotterdam Wassernaar Kiel Canal Gdynia Klaipeda Palanga Riga Tallinn Helsinki Stockholm Oslo Oban Liverpool
NationalSweden Norway United Kingdom Netherlands Poland Lithuania
ProductionMaud Wallis Ruth Collingridgee
CameraMaud Wallis; Ruth Collingridge
ProducerA ‘Maru’ Super Film
ParticipantsLord Robert Baden-Powell; Lady Olave Baden Powell; The Lord Mayor of the City of Liverpool; International Commissioner for Girl Guides - Rose Kerr; HE the President of Lithuania - Antanas Smetona; Mr Short
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration22 min. 24 sec.
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This film shows a voyage by Lord and Lady Baden-Powell visiting troops and companies of Scouts and Guides as they cruise the Baltic on the SS Calgaric for an ‘Argosy of Peace’. The film includes scenic views of the nations visited, with welcome parades and greetings by dignitaries, national costumes and uniforms, speeches, processions, dances, games and meals.


This film Documents the voyage of the Baden-Powells, and 650 Scouts and Guides, as they cruise Europe in the SS Calgaric visiting Scout and Guide groups in Europe, on an ‘Argosy of Peace’.

Reel one: This film is of the first part of the voyage. Their route is illustrated by maps, as they travel from the South of England to Rotterdam, from Rotterdam through the Kiel Canal to Gdynia, Poland, then for marches and rallies. There are displays, and scout/guide badges are filmed. At times, Baden-Powell address the crowd. They travel from Gdynia to Klaipeda, Lithuania, then onto Riga, Latvia, then from there to Tallinn, Estonia, then onto Helsinki, Finland. Each section is divided by spacing, and in each location Scouts and Guides are shown camping, or assembling in the groups and meets with local officials. In Lithuania he has lunch with H.E. The President at Palanga.

Reel two: The film shows the second part of the SS Calgaric’s tour. It begins with a map indicating a the journey from Helsinki, Finland, to Stockholm, Sweden. The voyage to Stockholm, and Stockholm from the sea, are shown. There is a visit to Skansen, and the view of Stockholm from there is shown. Another map indicates the journey from Sweden to Norway. Street scenes of Oslo, and its architecture, follow. In each location Scout and Guide processions and displays, and local architecture and street scenes, are recorded. Various games and entertainment is also filmed. Another map shows the journey from Oslo to Scotland, then on to Liverpool where a crowd (including the Lord Mayor) welcome the ship from the docks.

Film intertitles: Map of the Baltic, Map of route from England to Rotterdam 'Rotterdam' "The Dutch Assembling' 'The Chiefs at the March Past' 'Lord Robert' 'Off Up the River' 'The Kiel Canal' Map of route from Kiel to Poland 'Gdynia, Poland' 'The Port of Gdynia' 'Swinging the Lead' 'Polish Guides and Scouts' ''Tossing Mr. Short' 'Guide Badges' 'Scout Badges' 'Off Round the Harbour' 'Guide Camp' Map of Eastern Europe showing route 'Lithuania' 'Camp at Palanga' 'Rally on the Shore' 'Arrival of the Chiefs' 'The Roman Salute' The Ceremonial Lunch Table H.E. The President, Lady Baden-Powell, Mrs. Mark Kerr Map of Eastern Europe showing route 'Latvia' 'The Bretheren's Cemetary' 'Badge of the Lativian Chief Guide Map of Eastern Europe showing route 'Estonia' 'Sea Scouts of Tallin' 'Lowering the Boats Map of Finland showing route 'Finland' 'Rally' 'Guide Badges' Map showing route 'Stockholm' 'Approaching Stockholm' 'The new town hall' 'Venice of the north' 'Tea at Skansen' 'The city from Skansen' 'Our Swedish Sisters' 'Guide Badges' Map showing route Oslo 'Entering Oslo' 'The City and the harbour Entertainment to Crew The Chief Speaking Spa Fighting Map showing route Good-Bye Scotland Liverpool The Last Welcome The Lord Mayor The End


A still from [Scouting Voyage on the SS Calgaric] (1933)A still from [Scouting Voyage on the SS Calgaric] (1933)A still from [Scouting Voyage on the SS Calgaric] (1933)