Title ID 9316Collection ID1247
Title[Exit from Church; Rosenmontag Floats]
Date28 February 1938
CollectionThird Reich Film Material
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsCommemorative Events Celebrations Children Clubs Communities Cultural Heritage Festivals Holidays Parades Religious Buildings Urban Areas Villages Roads Rural Areas
LocalRhineland region (?)
NationalGermany Europe
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FormatBlack & White Silent
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This film begins by showing a congregation leaving a church in a rural village. The next sequence shows scenes at a 'Rosenmontag' street carnival in 1938, with parade floats and marching bands. The film has intertitles throughout.


The first film begins with the title 'Kirchgang' (Leaving Church) and shows a large congregation leaving a church following an event or service. It concludes with a pan of a rural scene.

The second film, shows the German festival of 'Rosenmontagszug' in 1938 and shows a parade through a busy street with floats, processions and marching bands. Several floats have slogans, fairy­tale styled scenes with houses and windmills and characters with oversized heads. People line the street following the procession as it snakes down the busy street lined with crowds of people.