Title ID 9270Collection ID1262
Title[Navy in Ceylon]
Date[ca. 1945?]
CollectionRoger Dunford
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeWartime And Military Working Life
KeywordsArmed Forces Boats Buildings Children Docks Ethnic Groups Everyday Life Harbours Hunting Leisure Time Activities Men Rivers Rural Areas Sea Fishing Ships Second World War (1939-1945) Urban Areas Water Transport Workers Youth
LocalKelaniya Colombo
NationalSri Lanka Asia
ProductionRoger B. Dunford
CameraRoger B. Dunford
EditorRoger B. Dunford
FormatBlack & White Silent
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This film shows scenes of the Royal Naval land base at "RMS Mayina", near Colombo, Ceylon [Sri Lanka] with views of camp life that includes men at the camp entrance, the inside of a hut, and short scenes aboard several vessels. The film also includes a mix of everyday street scenes with: oxen, cats, local markets, children waving at the camera, a visit to the "Lomond Rubber Creping Mill, Kelaniya", local Sir Lankan men in portrait, and naval vessels on a lake or river.


This amateur compilation shows a series of shots that include the entrance to a Navy barracks with a sign that reads: "HMS Mayina". This is followed by scenes of Naval men on the gate at arms, and several men boarding a army vehicle. The front of a building has a sign reading: "Ceylonese Regulating Office", "Wardroom Area One Way Traffic Entrance Only". This is followed by interior views of a communal sitting area with men dressed in white Naval uniforms, leaving the room.

The scene cuts to a group of men swimming in a make-shift pool on a ship, followed by scenes of a basking shark [not in online clip] or similar being caught and killed on deck. [in onlin clip] A man in naval uniform has his feet washed and dried by a young boy on a beach. Scenes at a large playing field with buildings [camp?] are followed by street scenes with ox and carts. River scenes show sailors working on board ship; a sailor is then seen buying textiles at a street market. The exterior of the "Lomond Rubber Creping Mill, Kelaniya", is followed by views of several vessels at sea. There are portraits of several Sri Lankan sailors, one with an officer number [P203]. A sailor is seen holding a street monkey, followed by scenes of: local children on the beach; naval ships at sea; aircraft over the water; views of ships moored on a river; a series of urban street scenes; coastal scenes; naval vessels on a lake or river; and a bridge. A final shot shows young twin girls aboard a ferry or boat.