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Title[Conference; Trip to Clothing Factory; Dunford Shop]
CollectionRoger Dunford
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeWorking Life Family Life Fashion
KeywordsClothing Family Interiors Leisure Time Activities Men Railway Stations Roads Sport Steam Locomotives Trains Urban Areas Women Workers Winter
LocalBrighton Buxton
RegionalBrighton & Hove Derbyshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRoger B. Dunford
CameraRoger B. Dunford
FormatBlack & White Silent
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This film shows a business trip to a conference in Buxton, followed by a visit to a clothing factory "James Stewart and Son Ltd. Clothiers" with seamstresses working at benches and using steam presses. The next sequence shows a compilation that includes a steam train entering Brighton station, two men playing golf; snowy scenes of Brighton [near St. Peters Church]; the family shop in Brighton with the family posing as mannequins standing in the window.


This compilation shows a series of black and white scenes, that includes: a man taking a trip to Buxton; leaving home on a train; staying at "The Palace Hotel"; a view of the programme of events on a table; interior views of a hotel lounge with a group of men smoking and reading the paper; the hotel swimming pool; a group of adults boarding a coach; a group getting off the coach; James Stewart and Son Ltd. Clothiers; interior factory scenes of women on a workshop floor sewing and steaming garments and packing them into brown parcels for shipping; rails of outdoor coats followed by a tour of the "Ladies Department" with samples of clothing on rails; the group then board a coach.

The next sequence shows: a steam train entering Brighton station with the boiler engine marked: "5445"; a game of golf; snowy urban scenes of St Peter's Place, Brighton with traffic passing slowly in the snow; a woman walking in the snow; a group throwing snowballs on a street; a group outside "No. 27 - A.Dunford & Son "; another group shaking hands; a portrait of the Dunford family dressed in domestic staff uniforms and outdoor clothing posing in the family shop window. The film concludes with a developers title: Eagle Photographic Service 6. Cricklade St. Swindon. Wilts. Swindon. 4267".


[Conference; Trip to Clothing Factory; Dunford Shop] (1949)[Conference; Trip to Clothing Factory; Dunford Shop] (1949)[Conference; Trip to Clothing Factory; Dunford Shop] (1949)