Title ID 9245Collection ID1123
TitleA Child’s Horizon
Genre/TypeProfessionalFilm/Video companyInstitutionalNon-fictionPromotional/Publicity
ThemeRural Life
KeywordsAnimals Charities Children Communities Dance Education Ethnic Groups Food Games Health Services Men Rural Areas Schools Sport Urban Areas Villages National Dress
LocalDahka Freeport New York Bogatoa Malawi Mumbai
NationalBangladesh Colombia United States Malawi India
ProductionUNICEF / Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind
CameraMichael Clarke (?)
ProducerWilliam Hetzer
Commissioning bodyRoyal Commonwealth Society for the Blind; UNICEF; New York State Education Department
Funding bodyRoyal Commonwealth Society for the Blind
EditorThomas Cammisa
WriterWilliam Hertzer; Michael Irwin
NarratorTom Courtenay
MusicHal Freedman
ParticipantsDr. Guillermo Arroyave
Other credits(Consultants) Michael Irwin; Sir John Wilson; Lady Wilson; (Cinematographer/Production Manager) Michael Clarke; (Executive Producers) Bernard Gerin; Bernarr Cooper
Format16mm Colour Sound
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This colour documentary style narrated film, highlights the impact blindness has on children around the world and the main causes. The film features blind children in Bangladesh, New York, India and Malawi. Children take part in music, crafts and rehabilitation exercises. The film has opening and closing titles and includes footage of children being examined and treated by physicians, with some scenes of cataract removal surgery.


The film contrasts the lives of blind children in Bangladesh, India, USA, Columbia and shows modern teaching practices at a specialist teaching school in Malawi set up by the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind. The young people and trainee teachers demonstrate the different teaching aids and teaching techniques used to hep blind young people engage with the word around them.

The film explains the root causes of unnecessary blindness caused by malnutrition, disease and infection followed by a summary of several UNICEF projects created to help educate and provide the necessary food, supplements and hygiene practices to prevent blindness from malnutrition. The film also includes a short interview with Dr Guillermo Arroyave from the Centre of Nutrition of Central America and Panamar, that outlines the use of vitamin A supplements added to sugar to prevent blindness from malnutrition in Central America.

This film includes footage of children being examined and treated by physicians, with some scenes of cataract removal surgery.


A still from 'A ChildŐs Horizon' (1984)A still from 'A ChildŐs Horizon' (1984)

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