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TitleFull Participation of Equality [Free Dive: A Film to Celebrate the International Year of Disabled Persons]
Genre/TypeProfessionalFilm/Video companyInstitutionalNon-fictionPromotional/Publicity
ThemeCommemoration Urban Life
KeywordsCharities Children Disabled Persons Film Making Health Services Hospitals Play Transport Urban Areas Youth Organizations
LocalParis (?)
NationalFrance Europe
CameraRobert Fraisse
DirectorSerge Bourguignon
ProducerMedialog; Jean Gluck
Commissioning bodyRoyal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (?)
EditorJacqueline Lecompte
WriterOlga Tarcali
MusicJoseph Sewe;
Other credits(Thanks to) Professor L. Simon; Doctor Auriach; Doctor de Godebout; Doctor Martinazzo; (Instructor) Christian Baltauss; (Murama) Evelyne Gluck and Danel Marchetti; (Consultant) Jean-Jaques Tourteau; (Production Manager) Sophie Ravard
Format16mm Colour Sound
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This colour film with dubbed English translation over a French production was created to showcase a UNESCO exhibition for the International Year of Disabled Persons in 1981. The film showcases the work of a disabled group of adults creating a film to commemorate the event, using the photographs from the exhibition and their own personal stories. This film has opening and closing titles with credits, with a dubbed English translation.


This dubbed English translation over a French film, opens with a montage of shots showing physically disabled children undertaking a range of activities in a hospital, over an audio narrative provided through a series of interviews. The first interview is with a minister on the aims and objectives of the International Year of Disabled Person, followed by a man and a woman talking about their own levels of ability/disability and the abilities of others around them. The narrative is illustrated by young disabled people boarding a minibus and a group of adults reviewing photographs of disabled people taken for a UNESCO exhibition. The group then discuss the outline of a film they wish to make, using their own stories and those of the people featured in the photographs.

The groups film opens with a blind man demonstrating his music ability by playing the guitar, over a montage of photographs from the exhibition. This is accompanied by a voiceover explaining the nature of the illnesses, disease and disabilities among hose featured in some of the photographs. The group also interviews members of the public on a busy French street, stopping people to ask them how they feel about disabled people and about the disabled community as a whole being brought into everyday activities.

The film concludes with a summary on what the disabled group feel can and should be done to help disabled people find employment, provide education and training programmes. The group also feel that work should also be done to better educate non-disabled people about the challenges of being disabled. This film has opening and closing titles with credits with a dubbed English translation over a French film.


A still from 'Full Participation of Equality' (1981)

Contextual information

In 1976, the General Assembly proclaimed 1981 as the International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP)*. It called for a plan of action at the national, regional and international levels, with an emphasis on equalization of opportunities, rehabilitation and prevention of disabilities. The theme of IYDP was "full participation and equality", defined as the right of persons with disabilities to take part fully in the life and development of their societies, enjoy living conditions equal to those of other citizens and have an equal share in improved conditions resulting from socio-economic development. Other objectives of the Year included: increasing public awareness; understanding and acceptance of persons who are disabled; and encouraging persons with disabilities to form organizations through which they can express their views and promote action to improve their situation. A major lesson of the Year was that the image of persons with disabilities depends to an important extent on social attitudes; these were a major barrier to the realization of the goal of full participation and equality in society by persons with disabilities.

  • General Assembly resolution 31/123