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TitleAfrican Vision
Genre/TypeProfessionalFilm/Video companyInstitutionalNon-fictionPromotional/Publicity
ThemeRural Life
KeywordsAircraft Charities Disabled Persons Education Ethnic Groups Farming Handicrafts Health Services Landscape Men National Dress Rural Areas Schools Trades Villages Workers Dance
LocalMulanje Limbe Blantyre Nairobi
NationalMalawi Kenya Africa
ProductionRotary Club of Mendip Rubery and Driffield
CameraNick Barrington; Jack Frizzell
DirectorNick Barrington; Jack Frizzell
ProducerRotary Club of Mendip Rubery and Driffield; Gateway Films, London
Commissioning bodyRoyal Commonwealth Society for the Blind
EditorNick Barrington; Jack Frizzell
Format16mm Colour Sound
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This colour documentary film explores the work of the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind in Kenya and Malawi. It shows a mobile eye clinic; doctors using an aircraft to dispense care with 'Sight by Wings'; blind children in a rehabilitative school in Kenya; and blind workers in factories and on farms. This film includes footage of adults and children being examined and treated by physicians, including surgical procedures.


The film explores the common reasons for blindness in Africa, such as Trachoma, Measles, Malnutrition and 'Muti' the local term for traditional remedies or medicine. It looks at the impact disease has on local communities, particularly on members from the Maasai people; highlighting how blindness impacts their daily lives - showing several members receiving treatment at different field units.

St Montfort Teaching College in Malawi is also featured, demonstrating best practice in using the open teaching system for both sighted and blind children. A range of tactile books and study materials are seen in close-up.

The film concludes with a summary of the organisations that support the blind and physically disabled African communities featured in the film, focusing on some of the adults and children helped by the organisations featured.

This film includes footage of adults and children being examined and treated by physicians though out, including surgical procedures being undertaken at Blantyre Hospital, Malawi and at several mobile eye clinics.


A still from African Vision (1980)

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