Title ID 914Collection ID371
TitleThe Kent Show
DateJuly 1974
CollectionRobert Nash
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeRural Life
KeywordsAnimals Cultural Events Farming Handicrafts Horticulture Hunting
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRobert Nash
CameraRobert Nash
FormatColour Sound
Duration12 min. 17 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Events at the annual Kent Show including: show jumping and hunt displays; farm animals and machinery; a horticultural show; displays of rural crafts and skills; a hot air balloon and a parachute display team.


The film opens with an opening montage: hot-air balloon, huntsman blowing hunting horn, parachutist, show-jumping, bull with handler and vintage car. A small building with sign ‘Secretary Honorary Director Chairman of Council’ and an empty showground enclosure with tents in the distance can be seen. Trucks enter the enclosure and men begin to assemble the stands and displays, gathering large company signs. Various modern and antique tractors, miniature steam locomotives and low-loaders are organised in rows. The empty showground and show-jumping fences are filmed as work carries on.

Visitors walk past the 'Norman Nash & Son and Hadfields Fertilizers' stand, chatting and sitting at tables in a refreshment tent. A smartly dressed woman in a red suit and white hat is shown around by and official. Steam locomotives and traction engines parade past in a show of veteran tractors and farming machinery, along with different vintage vehicles.

Static but running machines are on display in a field and an old fashioned combine-harvester driven by tractor belts can be seen in action. Next we see a blacksmith at work.

Teams of carriages and horses wait patiently in an enclosure. Wild West cattle are herded in an enclosure with riders wearing leather chaps and Stetsons. A hunt master blows a hunting horn signalling riders with hounds to circuit the show jumping enclosure. A show jumping display follows.

Visitors mingle in the floral exhibition tent. Crowds wander past a Dutch street organ with manufacturer’s sign ‘T Mortier’ [the famous Belgian manufacturer originating in Antwerp]. Handlers parade various cattle breeds in the show ground enclosure.

A television film crew wait at the perimeter (?from the show Magpie ?Susan Stranks). Children play on a red vintage tractor and attempt the climbing wall. Spectators watch as a hot-air balloon is being inflated while held down by naval cadets ready for take-off. The balloon rises above the show ground. An aircraft flies overhead and parachutists jump out. Parachutists land on the show ground. Visitors leave the ground and empty the exhibition area. The final scenes is of a littered field and litter bin. Title: The End


A colour still image taken from TID 914, showing a close up image of the face of a cow, being held at short rein by a farmer at the Kent Show. The farmer is wearing a white coat, with only his sleeve visible in the image.
A wide colour still image taken from TID 914, showing two mounted members of a Hunt dressed in formal red hunting jackets riding as a duo around the arena at the Kent Show being closely followed by a large pack of hunting dogs.
A colour still image taken from TID 914, showing a group of visitors to the Kent Show walking along a tarmac path through the show ground. The group have their backs to the camera and are walking away from view.