Title ID 9126Collection ID1112
TitleSunnymede 1964
CollectionGiles Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily Life Seaside
KeywordsAircraft Animals Boats Children Domestic Gardens Fairgrounds Family Games Holidays Houses Lakes Landscape Nature Reserves Outings Rivers Rural Areas Seasons Schools Villages
LocalChobham Horsham Wittering Streatley
RegionalSurrey West Sussex Norfolk Berkshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionGiles Family
CameraEric Giles
FormatColour Silent
Duration12 min. 08 sec.
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This family film opens with mixed shots of the family home and gardens in Spring and Summer, followed by highlights of the family on holiday in Streatley, Berkshire and visit a Steam Fair in Horsham. Later in the film the family go on a caravan holiday in East Wittering and go sailing on the Norfolk Broads.


"Sunnymede 1964; Springtime"

The colour film opens with an animated title sequence followed by shots of the family's home in Chobham, named 'Sunnymede'; the garden is in full bloom with daffodils and tulips adorning the flower beds. The film then moves to a series of holiday shots with an intertitle: 'Streatley' - The family stand on the steps outside a house, followed by river scenes of the family aboard several boats and punts on a day out. Several other craft pass by, as the family make their way down the river. Individual family members are then seen navigating boats and punts.


The sequence shows mixed shots of the Sunnymede gardens and grounds adorned with red and yellow roses and manicured lawns. A man and young child in swimwear play with a lawn sprinkler in the garden on a summer's day. A woman joins in, holding an umbrella over her head so she does not get wet from the water. The next section of the film shows the family playing on a swing and portraits of a brown Boxer dog and a white cat sitting in the garden posed for the camera.


The next sequence shows various scenes, with titles, of events from the Horsham Steam Rally and Fair during the day and at night. The film opens with bright daytime shots of of the family aboard a Victorian Carousel with Chappel Organ, followed by several other fairground rides around the carousel. An Intertitle: 'Steam Fair' is followed by night-time shots of the family on the carousel illuminated in red light. This is followed by day shots of a row of decorated steam traction engines being viewed by members of the visiting public. More shots from the Victorian steam fairground include a Ferris wheel and carousel style swing ride. A narrow gauge miniature railway with passengers passes through the shot followed by further shots of the steam traction engines on display. The camera offers several close-ups and wide shots of Gavoili fairground organs painted in white and gold dated 1895 (film is damaged and warped) and a second tall blue 'Steam Yacht Organ'. A close up of the 'Evening Star' traction engine completes the sequence.


A sign for 'Briar Cottage Caravan Park' (East Wittering, Sussex) is followed by the intertitle: 'Wittering'. The film opens with the family caravan parked in a field and family members on the beach and sea front. Several coastal shots follow of the family swimming, playing on the beach, building sand castles and visiting seaside shops to buy 'ices'. A helicopter can be seen on the horizon out to sea. On a trip to 'Norfolk', senior members of the family prepare to take a sail boat (Dawn II) out on a Norfolk river. The family are seen enjoying an alcoholic drink aboard the boat. In the next sequence the same family group are seen playing croquet in a garden followed by mixed shots of a Dahlia garden nursery with rows of pink and purple flowers in bloom. A sign reads: 'R. Sandford & Co. Dahlia Specialists. Inspection invited'.


Sunnymede 1964