Title ID 9104Collection ID1112
TitleOttershaw 1940-42
CollectionGiles Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsAnimals Bicycles Boats Children Family Fire Services Houses Lakes Men Motor Vehicles Schools Sport Uniforms Weather Winter
LocalOttershaw Chobham Somerton
RegionalSurrey Somerset
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionGiles Family
CameraEric Giles
EditorEric Giles
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration12 min. 41 sec.
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This colour and black and white edited family film features the family home in Ottershaw between 1940 and 1942, a visit to Somerton in Somerset and Mr Giles in his Auxillary Fire Servce (AFS) uniform with Bugatti Fire Engine. The family are also seen playing with toys in the garden, ice skating on a frozen pond, at a sports day event and scenes of a rugby game at Allen House School.


"Ottershaw 1940"

The film opens with the house and gardens covered in thick snow, followed by shots of the White Hart public house in the village of Somerton, Somerset. Mixed shots follow of Somerton village with exterior views of the shops, streets and buildings including St. Michael and All Angels Church just off the main street.

The next part of the film shows Mr Giles in his AFS uniform and standing next to his Bugatti chassis fire engine (Registration: GC8581). This is followed by close ups of two young boys and a wide shot of a young girl playing in a garden with a bicycle. The adults and other children then join the girl in the gardens (?). In the final shot, two boys are playing on a river in a punt.

"Ottershaw 1941"

In this section the family are sitting and playing next to a pond, including Eric Giles' two sons. At their Grandfather's home, 'Sunnymede', in Chobham, there are several portrait shots of the family in the garden. A red setter dog (Roger) is filmed dressed in a hat, tartan scarf and yellow jumper in the garden. The dog looks straight at the camera dressed in outfit. The final film of this section is in black and white and features the Giles family at at home during Christmas. (Very dark and hard to make out action).

"Ottershaw 1942"

This black and white section shows the family at play in the snow in the garden. The family build a snowman and have a snowball fight. The next scene shows the children ice skating and playing hockey on the pond on Sandpit Hall Road, in Chobham. The next part of the film is very dark (long duration of black), with a young boy dressed in pyjamas in bed (?). The shot cuts to further black and white footage of an event where a school mistress hands out sheets of paper (?) to a group of boys. This is followed by colour footage of the sports day event and the boys competing in several races and long jump events. Older boys compete in high jump events and relay races.

The next colour section shows two boys playing with a toy train set in the garden, followed by a group of children playing in a large garden. The final part of the film in black and white shows a boys' school Rugby match on a playing field at Allen House School near Woking, and a young boy riding a pony.


Ottershaw 1940-42