Title ID 9Collection ID463
TitleThe R.A.C. Internal Rally of Great Britain
CollectionSeafarer's Education Centre/Gas Council Material
Genre/TypeProfessionalFilm/Video companyNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeTravel Transport
KeywordsCars Motor Vehicles Racing Roads Sport Transport
LocalHastings Blackpool Prescot Durham Ringwood
RegionalEast Sussex Lancashire Merseyside Yorkshire Durham Hampshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRandom Production
ProducerRandom Production
Commissioning bodySHELL-MEX and B.P. Ltd.
ParticipantsRonny Adams
Format16mm Black & White Sound
Duration12min. 2sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This film follows the 1956 R.A.C. Internal Rally of Great Britain as it takes place over three days. The rally drivers set out from Hastings and Blackpool and travel to various locations across Britain, completing a range of manoeuvres on the way. The rally finishes at Blackpool, Lancashire where the winner is seen crossing the finish line.


The film opens with shots of Hastings sea front on a Thursday morning where the rally drivers are lining up their cars, preparing for the rally. The narrator introduces the rally drivers and their cars. The Mayor of Hastings officially starts the rally on the sea front. The film then cuts to Blackpool, where it is raining as the cars line up for the second start of the rally. Again, the narrator introduces the drivers and their cars. The drivers take part in the first trial, completing manoeuvres around cones which have been placed in the middle of the sea front roads at Hastings and Blackpool. The drivers travel to meet at Prescot where they compete in a timed run up a hill. The narrator highlights the individual drivers and their cars as they take part and also comments on their performance.

The drivers then take part in the night navigation section, converging at Matcham Park Stadium in Ringwood, Hampshire where they compete in a speed time trial around the car circuit. The narrator continues to comment on their performance. The next scene opens with the rally cars and crowds gathered on Hastings sea front, they complete more tests before the day concludes.

The following day, the cars gather at Camden Aerodrome (?) where the drivers take part in more tests whilst the narrator comments on their performance. In the next scene they drive over the moors of North Riding and Durham, where they complete more tests as snow falls. Further tests are completed at Otterburn, Northumbria.

In the early hours of Saturday morning the rally drivers are seen arriving in Blackpool. It's still dark and street lights illuminate the road. At Blackpool they compete in the final tests, manoeuvring around cones placed in the sea front road, a large crowd is gathered to watch them compete. The narrator comments on their performance. The film concludes with the narrator highlighting the winner as the camera zooms in on the finish banner which is hanging across the road.