Title ID 8976Collection ID561
Title[Plane Flying; Reunion]
Date28 May 1938
CollectionLockwood Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeWartime And Military
KeywordsAircraft Armed Forces Cars Games Men Motor Vehicles
LocalTangmere (?)
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionLockwood Family
CameraKenneth Lockwood
Format16mm Black & White Silent
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This film shows several officers meeting each other on a RAF base (Tangmere?) dressed in flight suits and uniforms. The officers are then seen messing about on an airfield and climbing on the wing of a Gloster Gladiator. The officers may be from RAF 1 and/or 43 Squadron based at Tangmere Airfield (?). The film is very dark in parts.


This film opens with a title: 'Hull and Others 28.5.38'. The RAF officers Caesar Hull (?), Peter Townsend (?) and others are seen exiting through a set of hangar doors one dressed in a flight suit, surrounded by officers and women. Two male officers pretend to kiss each other as they meet.

Several officers are seen attempting to put the roof up on a car and generally messing about when getting into vehicles with a group of women. Back on the airfield Townsend (?) and Hull (?) are seen messing about in the road, whilst officers in another car make rude gestures towards the camera. The officers also attempt to hang upside down off a aeroplane wing (Gloster Gladiator ?) and climb up to the cockpit as a second Gloster Gladiator with coloured tail fin for RAF 1 squadron, sits on the runway ready for take off ('K8080').

A refuelling vehicle passes by with an attendant. (Possibly LAC 'Pompey' Edwards driving the vehicle?) This is followed by the Officers attempting to get into cars parked outside a house (?) to drive away.