Title ID 8967Collection ID561
Title[Military Training Exercises and Camp Scenes; Leisure Scenes; Marathon Runners]
Date[ca. 1930s]
CollectionLockwood Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeWartime And Military
KeywordsAnimals Armed Forces Games Sport Uniforms
Localunknown location
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionLockwood Family
CameraKenneth Lockwood
Format16mm Black & White Silent
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This edited film shows the Queen's Royal (West) Surrey Regiment during field based training and gun/ mortar weapon demonstrations (?). The officers also drink tea and beer and mess around dressed in dressing gowns and minimal clothing, playing mock musical instruments for a marching band.


The Queen's Royal (West) Surrey Regiment carry out field based training and gun/ mortar weapon demonstrations (?). Officers rig, de-rig and clean their weapons under supervised instruction, then relax and drink tea, whilst a senior sergeant uses a telephone. The officers wear the regiment's badges (paschal lamb standing on a horse with square banner) on their hats, jacket and shoulder epaulettes. A group of gunners or soldiers are also seen gathered around a field telephone, some wear the insignia chevrons of ranked officers, possibly undertaking field exercises (?).

In the next section, two officers in civilian clothing are seen chasing a dog and a chicken under a fence. They catch the dog but the chicken gets away. The same men are seen with the dog as they exit a toilet near to a pub (Ship Inn?) in a village (Upavon, WIltshire?) and attempt to climb up a mound of straw in a nearby field.

The next section depicts a group of men running a cross country race or marathon through an airfield (possibly RAF Upavon, or Tangmere?), followed by a group playing a game of football. They stand and pose for a team photo.

The final section shows officers in a camp (?) dressed in dressing gowns and various winter clothing parading in a field, possibly rehearsing (?) a marching band arrangement using jugs, watering cans and a tin bath as musical instruments. They seem to be in high spirits.