Title ID 8966Collection ID561
Title[Military Action; Cooking; Games]
CollectionLockwood Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeWartime And Military
KeywordsArmed Forces Animals Games Men Rural Areas Food
Localunknown location
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionLockwood Family
CameraKenneth Lockwood
Format16mm Black & White Silent
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This black and white film shows the Queen's Royal (West) Surrey Regiment at a rural training camp (?). Officers perform training exercises and parades, and are also seen cleaning and cooking at the camp.


This compilation of black and white films shows a gunnery demonstration, a military band, a foot infantry and horse artillery from the Queen's Royal (West) Surrey Regiment at a rural countryside training camp on parade and undergoing training exercises (?). Officers are also seen cleaning and polishing their kit and uniform and laying items out for inspection.

In the next section, men are seen working in an outdoor field Kitchen with Sayer's Stoves. A group of butchers, are shown cutting up and mincing meat and cooking potatoes for the officers meals. One man almost drops a box of potatoes as he puts them into a large Sayer's Stove for cooking.

In the next section, officers line up outside a tent to see two senior officers sat inside behind a desk. Another senior officer is seen instructing the men to sign or write something on a piece of paper. Other men take their turns [Possibly being issued wages or payments for military service].

A group of men are seen riding and exercising the horses around the camp and officers are shown playing a game whilst sat in a tin bath being towed by a military car around the camp.

In the last film officers, dressed in full duty uniforms, empty horse drawn carts and vehicles filled with supplies and large trunks. The truck is marked London and North Eastern Railway BL 174 (image is inverted).