Title ID 893Collection ID314
Title[Hythe Venetian Fete 1983]
Date17 August 1983
CollectionDavid Milne
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsCanals Fetes Water Transport Fancy dress Celebrations Music Boats Charities Clubs Leisure Time Activities
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDavid Milne
FormatSuper 8mm Colour Sound
Duration26min. 19sec.
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The Hythe Venetian Fete of August 1983 is captured on this amateur film. The opening of the fete is conducted by the mayor of Hythe. Decorated floats process along the Royal Military Canal with spectators and the judges looking on. After dark, fireworks are let off and illuminated floats process for a second time. A commentator narrates each float.


A title reads: "Hythe Venetian Fete, 1983". The film opens with general shots of the fete. The chairman can be heard speaking through the Tannoy system. Hythe Town Military Band plays; shots of parachutes in the air which come to land in the the Royal Military Canal. The crowd claps as the parachutists are retrieved from the water.

Two decorated floats carry the mayor of Hythe, Cllr Richard Trice and the mayors of the Cinque Port and twinned Cinque ports from France and Belgium. A fanfare plays performed by the Hythe Military Band, as the mayors make their way onto the stage. Shots of the procession of the floats which represent local organisations to include Hythe Cool Cats Club from Hythe County High School, and the ELSE - French Student Organisation on a Miss Tiggywinkle and friends theme float. Shots of the judges sitting on the bank of the canal. The commentator continues to introduce each float to the crowd. At dusk, fireworks are let off over the canal. A second procession of the now illuminated floats takes place. The chairman ends the fete and the crowd cheers and claps. The band plays the national anthem. Intertitle: "The End".


A colour still image taken from TID 893, showing a procession water float on the canal. A group of mayors and dignitaries are sat on the float in their red and black robes as it passes their seating stand on the side of the Canal.
A colour still image taken from TID 893, showing a Beatrix Potter themed Miss Tiggywinkle water float, created by the ELSE - French Student Organisation. Participants stand on the float dressed in full costume as a hedgehog, frog, mouse and duck among others.