Title ID 879Collection ID314
Title[Local scenes and events in south east Kent]
CollectionDavid Milne
ThemeRural Life Seaside
KeywordsAnimals Boats Farming Festivals Harbours Parks Seaside Resorts Visual Arts
LocalFolkestone Charing
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDavid Milne
Format16mm Colour Silent
Duration19min. 55sec.
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This amateur film captures local scenes and events from Folkestone in Kent. Children enjoy the amusements and activities on the seafront, bets are placed at the annual donkey derby and artists exhibit their paintings on the promenade. Elsewhere, on the farm at Charing the sheep are sheered by the farmer.


Titles: "Folkestone and SE Kent 1967" & " D. Milne". Sign: "Welcome to Folkestone". The film opens with shots of the beach and harbour from the top of the cliffs. Small boats and a jet skier out at sea. Sign: "Welcome! Haig Scotch Whiskey". Shots of children gathered around a toy Dalek and playing crazy golf; a passenger ship can be seen in the background. Shots of sailing boats, canoes and a speed boat being hauled up a slipway in the harbour. Sign: "Folkestone Art Exhibition". Shots of people looking at paintings on display on the promenade. Close-ups of some of the paintings. Shots of the bandstand and people listening to a performance. Title: "On the Farm". Shot of a farm at Charing. The farmer shears the sheep and bundles up the fleeces; a young boy looks on through a gate. Poster: "Folkestone Annual Flower Show". A bookmaker takes bets on the donkey race taking place at Radnor Park. Donkeys and their riders line up for the race. Shots of the donkey race and a close-up of the commentator. Children riding on a carousel, eating candy floss and watching a pottery demonstration. Shots of people cashing in their bets. Title: "Summer's End". Shots of trees being buffeted by a strong wind. Close-up of flowers and butterflies. Sign outside a church: "Harvest Festival, Sun 17th September". Shop window with a 'sale' sign displayed. Boys climb a tree to collect horse chestnuts. The films ends with shots of a formal garden, rows of empty deck chairs next to the bandstand and sheep in a field. Titles: "The End" & "Colour by Ferrania".