Title ID 8787Collection ID822
TitleLydd Club Day 1954
Date19 June 1954
CollectionLydd Club
KeywordsClubs Celebrations Children Communities Parades Fancy dress Carnivals
NationalUnited Kingdom England
ProductionGordon Thomas (Tim) Paine
CameraGordon Thomas (Tim) Paine
DirectorGordon Thomas (Tim) Paine
ProducerGordon Thomas (Tim) Paine
EditorGordon Thomas (Tim) Paine
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
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An amateur film of the annual Lydd Club Day on 19th June 1954.


The film begins with a poster announcing Lydd Club Day 19th June 1954.

The Lydd Club Day Queen and her entourage pose for the camera. Many activities take place on the Rype throughout the day: races, gymnastics, women's football, motorcycle stunts, tug-of-war, marching bands, the Mayor's speech, the crowning of the Club Day Queen. A parade though town then follows led by a brass band and followed up by many floats and groups of chidren in fancy dress. They all make their way through the town to the Rype for more fun activities. The Club Queen receives the fancy dress competitiors on her dais and hands out the prizes. A parade of elaborate floats drive past the Queen, the Fire Brigade float receiving first prize. The final scenes are of people enjoying the fairgoround rides and stalls in the evening and scenes of a football match and fireworks bring the day to an end. As at the beginning of the film, we see the Club Day Queen and entourage posing for the camera.