Title ID 878Collection ID314
Title[Local scenes and events in south east Kent]
CollectionDavid Milne
ThemeRural Life
KeywordsAircraft Airports Farming Parks Performing Arts Sport
LocalDover Folkestone Hawkinge Charing Lydd
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDavid Milne
Format16mm Colour Silent
Duration24min. 14sec.
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A number of events and family activities are captured in this amateur film. The Milne family enjoying a day out at Kearsney Abbey, a Red Indian demonstration at Radnor Park, aircraft taking part in the filming of the Battle of Britain at Hawkinge Airfield, harvesting on a farm at Charing, an air show at Lydd and county cricket at Folkestone.


"Folkestone and SE Kent 1968; Kearsney, Dover"

The film opens with shots of an ornamental pond at Kearsney Abbey, children are feeding the ducks. General landscape shots of the lakes and gardens, with some buildings in the background. Close-up shot of children playing on a log and other shots of waterfowl. Children feed a horse standing in a field.

"Pale Skins at Play"

Shots of Native American dancing demonstration at Radnor Park, Folkestone. People dressed as Native Americans dancing next to a tipi. A crowd is gathered to watch the display. Children dress up in costumes and join in the dancing.


Shots of war planes flying overhead in the distance. Shots of planes, hangers and fire engines at Hawkinge Airfield. Close-up of the aircraft (taking part in the making of the film Battle of Britain).

"On the Farm"

Shots of a farm at Charing. Close-up of a combine harvester in operation in a field. Harvest time activities on the farm; a boy holds a wild rabbit. Grain is transferred into sacks and loaded onto the back of a trailer. Children stand alongside watching.

"Lydd (Ferryfield) Airport Autumn Air Show" [poster]

Shots of spectators gathered to watch the air show. Planes overhead performing aerobatics. An RAF Rescue helicopter maneuvers overhead and hoists a man from the ground into the helicopter. Shots of biplanes flying overhead and a wing walking demonstration.


AA road signs: "The Cricket". Poster: "Kent v Northants". Shots of a county cricket match at Folkestone Cricket Club, Cheriton Road. Close-up shots of the spectators and the score board. Title: "The End".