Title ID 862Collection ID269
Title[Road Accident; Police and Ambulance Routine]
Date[ca. 1974]
CollectionKent Educational Television Centre
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsAccidents Bicycles Cars Children Health Services Motor Vehicles Roads
LocalDover [?]
NationalUnited Kingdom England
ProductionKent Educational Television [?]
Format16mm Colour Silent
Duration11 min. 35 sec.
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An educational films demonstrating the work undertaken by the police and ambulance service at road accidents. The accident presented in this film is a fictional one involving a young cyclist and car driver.


A man parks his car on the side of the road, opening his door as a child cycles past. The child is knocked off his bicycle and lies injured in the road. A witness to the accident runs to a phonebook where she phones the emergency services. An ambulance and police van are dispatched - the camera rides aboard as the latter travels through the urban streets. Once at the accident scene the ambulance crew tend to the child, giving him first aid before stretchering him into their vehicle. The camera films from the ambulance as it drives through the town and arrives at the hospital. Meanwhile a policeman takes statements from the driver and the witnesses. He also returns the child's bicycle to his mother before completing his paperwork back at the station.