Title ID 8606Collection ID992
CollectionHinchliff Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily Life Seaside Urban Life
KeywordsBeaches Cars Children Domestic Gardens Games Mothers
LocalBracklesham (?) Sandilands Croydon
RegionalWest Sussex Surrey
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionA.G. Hinchliff
CameraA.G. Hinchliff
ParticipantsElizabeth Hinchliff
Format16mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration7min 2sec
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This series of amateur films shows several constructed narratives based on Hinchliff family life, including the mother learning how to drive, eating a banana played backwards and two stop frame animated films.



The animated red title rearranges letters to spell the word 'Tricks'. This is then followed by a black and white title: ‘A Mystery of the Sea’. This stop frame animated sequence shows a dragon built from sand, slowly being revealed by the sea, blinking at the camera.

"Mother learns to drive - but the children survive"

This black and white film shows the 'Mother' driving a car (Wolseley 14/56 ?) down a gravel road in a residential street, whilst a small boy sits in the road reading. The 'Mother' drives at the small boy, who quickly jumps out of the way. (Note: The film is inverted - the number plate of the car is backwards).

"More eating and its strange result"

This black and white film shows a young boy eating a banana, played in reverse.

"Down under in Australia"

The colour title shows a hand writing the words in pencil on paper, being played backwards. The black and white film shows the family playing leapfrog on a beach, with the image flipped horizontally. The film then shows two puppets (?) sitting in a stone building.


The next film is a short black and white stop-frame animation of a doll sitting on grass. The doll the moves as if it were a small baby. A little girl (Elizabeth ?) approaches with a child's pram, placing the doll inside. The doll has a tantrum and knocks the blankets out of the pram. The little girl then returns to the pram to tell the doll off.

"Distorted amusement"

This black and white section places the camera looking into a mirrored concave object, whilst the film-maker and a boy move about. The image is being reflected from the silvered object back into the camera.


A still from Tricks (1938-1939)